Communication is not an art of truth.

Communication is a true art!

My name is Marcin Stelmarczyk and this is the web site of my company, The Green Dragon Magic. I consider photography being a kind of communication and usually I follow my set of rules when I do photography:

  1. I do not document what I see.
  2. I play around with what I see and try to expose different aspects of what I consider beautiful, original, unique, fun or interesting in some other way.
  3. I never add stuff to the pictures.
  4. I sometimes remove stuff from the pictures (usually small stuff - spot healing, the bigger stuff take too long time).
  5. I do not respect original white-balance, exposure level, contrast and similar if I find different settings more interesting.
  6. I wrote "usually" because I'm not a fanatic.

So, if you still are interested in taking a look, go ahead and enjoy the galleries. Links can be found to the left.

If you would like to have or use one or more of these pictures, please contact me. These pictures are protected by copyright laws and are not free to use. I do not necessary require money for everything, but this is my work and I would like to decide whether, how and by who it shall be used. And, of course, the pictures are available in higher resolutions than shown here on this site if we can reach an agreement.

Have fun and may The Force be with you

Marcin Stelmarczyk, The Green Dragon Magic

© Copyright 2009 The Green Dragon Magic / Marcin Stelmarczyk